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Sale amazing 4 rooms flat in Vidin


Sale amazing 4 rooms flat in Vidin

Panonia, жк. Гео Милев, Vidin, 3700, Bulgaria
65000 €




Sale amazing 4 rooms flat in Vidin

This 93 sq. m. apartment is located in a solid building, build with style by project of French architects! There are 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen all of which are throughout with parquet floors. The entrance hall is with a marble floor, the bathroom/shower and the separate toilet are all tiled. An elevator will take you to the apartment which is on the last, 9th floor of the building. The apartment has two large terraces, which offer an outstanding view of the City of Vidin as well as the surrounding area.


Just imagine sitting on top of the world, looking at the sunset, relaxing your soul with a cocktail in your hand. This 93 sq. m. apartment, after remodeling for only about 3500 Euros, can become a highly fashionable, magnificent example of creative design. Tasteful selection of workmanship and furnishings can do wonders to this apartment, suitable for people with good taste. The City of Vidin is orderly, safe and homogenous. With its still low cost of the housing market, resembling the Gold rush in late 30’s, Vidin has become clearly a magnet. So don’t wait too long! If your dream is to look at the world from above, this apartment can be the fulfillment of that dream.

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Sale amazing 4 rooms flat in Vidin, by Kamenova real estate company in Bulgaria


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Sale amazing 4 rooms flat in Vidin

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