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Great Forest for sale in the area of Podgore Best offer!


Great Forest for sale in the area of Podgore Best offer!

Podgore, Makresh, Vidin, Bulgaria

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Forest for sale in the area of Podgore village, Vidin district. Deciduous forest with a border on the main road, Kamenova Estate offers to your attention a forest in the area of Podgore village, Vidin district.  The forest is deciduous – mostly oak, some acacia and hornbeam, rarely spruce. Can be used for logging.

Great Forest for sale in the area of Podgore Best offer!

The total area of the plots is 196 000 sq.m., distributed in about 20 adjacent plots. The area is suitable for rural tourism, mountaineering, hunting, fishing, eco and rural tourism, sightseeing.

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The village of Podgore is located in a mountain area. The village is characterized by its location in the low part of the pre-Balkan, in a hollow protected by strong winds in winter.
The name of the village itself speaks of its location.

In detail:

In early spring and late summer it is relatively cool (even cold) especially in the evening and at night.
The summer is relatively hot during the day. Consolation brings the evening cooling from the transfer of colder air from the Balkans.

Great Forest for sale in the area of Podgore Best offer!

The prevailing winds are approximately east-west due to the location of the village along the slope along the same direction. Hail rarely falls in the area. Groundwater is found at a relatively small depth in the area, about 9 – 11 m, mainly in the lower part of the village.. Wells, so far as they remain, have relatively high flow rates. The soils are relatively fertile.
The forest at the foot of the Balkans is mainly of deciduous species (oak, tar, beech). Extremely beautiful in the fall.

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The property can be reserved and removed from sale by paying a deposit, after which the inspection with other buyers is terminated and preparation of the documents for the conclusion of the preliminary and final contract begins. Contact the responsible broker for this property for detailed information on the purchase process and payment methods.

Great Forest for sale in the area of Podgore

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Forest for sale in the area of Podgore by Kamenova real estate company in Bulgaria

Great Forest for sale in the area of Podgore Best offer!

Amazing forest bordered to a dam for sale! Sale amazing agricultural land panoramic views

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Great Forest for sale

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