The most expensive properties in the world

The most expensive properties in the world

Have you thought about the most expensive properties in the world?

I present to you a Wall Street Journal article with the most expensive properties in the world. The price of real estate in Monaco currently hovers around $58,000/sq. m, according to a report by Citi Private Bank and Knight Frank.

So for $1 million you can get a 18 square meter closet that probably won’t have a view of the water. The second place in the ranking is Cap Ferrat in the south of France, where a square meter costs more than 51,000 dollars.

London followed with $46,800/sq. m and Hong Kong with 47,500 dollars/sq. Meter. Real estate in New York is relatively inexpensive – the city is in 17th place with a price per square meter of just over 23,000 dollars. The only other US locations to make the top 50 are Aspen at 39th at $10,500/sq m, followed by Telluride at around $8,000/sq m. m and Miami with just over 6,200 dollars/sq. m. This is what the first top ten of the ranking looks like:

Monaco – $58,000/sq. m
Cap Ferrat – $41,000/sq. m
London — $46,800/sq. m
Hong Kong (houses) — $47,500/sq. m
Courchevel 1850 — $44,000/sq. m
St. Moritz — $42,500/sq. m
Gstaad — $39,800/sq. m
Saint Tropez — $38,700/sq. m
Geneva – $31,800/sq. m
Hong Kong (apartments) — $28,200/sq. m.

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